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Varro Press published its first book in 1994.  Since then we have remained a small publisher of specialized law enforcement and security books.  The reason we are still a small publisher is that we are very discriminate about what we publish. In fact, we have declined to publish more books than we have published.

Anyone can write and publish a book, especially in this age of desktop publishing, print on demand printing, and self-publishing.  But not everyone can write a good book; one that’s worth reading or, in our case, delivers valuable and useful information to readers.

We take a lot of time to study the manuscripts we consider.  We read and study them.  We ask hard questions.  Does the author speak from experience?  Is what the author writes relevant?  Is it useful and practical information?  Is it well written?

And, most importantly, will it save lives?  Yes, you read that right.  We’re probably the only publisher on this planet that includes protecting people and saving lives as a criterion for deciding whether or not to publish a book.

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