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After The Echo: A Survival Guide for Police & Military Snipers


A Survival Guide for Police & Military Snipers

by Russ Clagett

Foreword by Dave Grossman, Lt. Colonel, US Army (Ret.)

A rare look at the world of a police sniper who takes you into a heart-wrenching and frightening true story about the worst part of his job… taking a shot!

This story is about one sniper in one incident, but it speaks to every police officer who carries a badge and a gun to work.

Along the way he offers sage advice that only someone who has been there can give: lessons for equipment, training, supervision, and your own personal survival.

He shares his feelings, his fears, his remorse, and his pride as he describes each step of the path from the initial callout to the Grand Jury appearance that almost charged him with murder.

It will prepare you to survive!

In his Foreword, Dave Grossman said he considers AFTER THE ECHO to be “truly a revolution.” “A new type of book, by a new type of mature, adult, self-aware warrior telling other warriors what to expect. If you are a warrior, someone who may have to use deadly force, this book is very useful to you. I strongly recommend that you not only just read but study this book.”

Here’s what other professionals are saying about AFTER THE ECHO:

”Russ Clagett’s story is one of many incidents where police snipers have to save lives by taking lives. It is one of the few which has been committed to paper. It is a story which needs to be read by every sniper, every supervisor, every administrator, and every civilian who needs or wants to understand what it takes to be a police sniper. This is the story of a man who understood the risk, took on the responsibility, and did the job. This is the real world of a police sniper at work.”
Derrick Bartlett
President, American Sniper Association

“What is important to realize about AFTER THE ECHO is that it is the only book that has ever been written by a police sniper who has had to take a shot for real. There is no other experience that can match having been there and this book will take snipers deep into the event and prepare them for what can and will happen in their careers.”
John Peterson
Executive Board, American Sniper Association
Instructor, Centermass Training Institute
Former Senior Instructor, Sigarms Academy

”Ever wonder what it’s like to pull the trigger as a police sniper? AFTER THE ECHO: A Survival Guide for Police & Military Snipers takes you inside the very personal world of one police officer who did. Clagett let’s you take a ‘good look under the hood’ to see just what goes on in a police sniper’s world. Russ promised this book would be ‘just like a punch in the stomach’ and it is… from beginning to end. Few police officers experience the aftermath of the shot that police snipers train for. Clagett takes you on a ‘callout.’ Be prepared to go to the range, into the street, through the department, and into the courtroom. What he has to say is raw and very real; saving lives is serious business. Every police sniper and any officer thinking about becoming one should read this book! “
Edward F. Gross
Director, Crosshairs Inc.
Vice President, American Sniper Association

AFTER THE ECHO begins with the gritty details of a callout that ends with a fatal shooting. But that is just the beginning of the story. In his own refreshing, personal, and straightforward way, Russ takes you on an unbelievable post-shooting journey that is entertaining, compelling, and frightening.  Written with intensity and sincerity, Russ tells a true story of a police sniper who shoots to save a brother officer, and then nearly loses everything himself. It was written for every man and woman who will ever be confronted with the need to use deadly force. It is a book that will make you think, and that you will not forget.
Michael Nossaman
Varro Press

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