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Law Enforcement Counterintelligence




by Lawrence B. Sulc

Very little has been written about law enforcement counter intelligence.  One reason is that, until this book, few people were aware of the extent to which criminal organizations have gone to mount intelligence operations to protect their empires.  Some of these operations are extremely sophisticated and represent a serious, and deadly, threat to law enforcement officers and American citizens.

Sulc, a former career intelligence operative and analyst, uses his extensive personal experience, interviews with other experts, and review and analysis of actual incidents to reveal the extent of the problem, and the threat it poses.  He concludes his book with specific recommendations and techniques to respond to the problem.

In his 23 years as a CIA operations officer, Lawrence Sulc saw a variety of assignments, from overseas special operations and counterintelligence in Latin America and the Far East, to Langley intelligence manager.  Sulc has extensive first-hand knowledge of the length to which adversaries will go to gain tactical and strategic advantage.

Contains extensive endnotes and index


PART ONE: The Opposition
Counterintelligence in Law Enforcement
Dangerous Domestic Groups
Big City Gangs
Prison Intelligence
Terrorism and Counterintelligence
Destabilization By Crime
Internationalization of Crime
Personal Data in the Wrong Hands

PART TWO: The Guardians
CI in County and State Law Enforcement
Intelligence Lost
Corruption in the Ranks
The Hunters Become the Hunted
Civil Disturbance

PART THREE: Fixing the Problem
Some Problems and Some Solutions
A Counterintelligence Guide
The Intelligence Process for Counterintelligence

“If you only read chapters two and nine, you will gain an insight into the problem and solutions that most law enforcement officers and administrators will never have. This is a highly informative book every street officer should have.”
Capt. James Stalnaker, San Bernardino County, California Sheriff’s Department (Ret.)

“Lawrence Sulc effectively identifies the consequences of the lack of a counterintelligence program, and formulates solutions to the problem. This book is no-nonsense and straight forward in nature.”
Michael Wargo, Police Officer and Author

“Sulc presents an unassailable case for reinvigorating law enforcement intelligence capabilities, with special emphasis upon counterintelligence.  He sets down the risks now facing U.S. law enforcement personnel in this regard, and offers constructive ideas for doing something to combat what is sure to be a growing, and deadly, problem.”
H.H.A. Cooper, University of Texas at Dallas

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