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Police Use Of Force: A Line Officer’s Guide



A Line Officer’s Guide
by Thomas Gillespie, Darrel Hart, John Boren

 POLICE USE OF FORCE: A Line Officer’s Guide introduces a revolutionary model to guide law enforcement officers during incidents that require the use of force.

Unlike previous attempts to give officers a usable tool with which to respond when force is appropriate, the Reactive Control Model devised by the authors, is the only model that matches appropriate officer responses to specific behavior by subjects.

This is a radically different approach to dealing with subjects because it eliminates the subjective element of response, and bases officer response on what a subject does.

By using the Reactive Control Model, police officers can make instantaneous assessment of a subject’s behavior, and formulate an appropriate level of force response, as defined by agency policy and legal precedent.

The Reactive Control Model is complex enough to cover any possible contact with a subject, from compliance to deadly threat, yet is simple enough to be used in highly charged incidents where actions happen rapidly, and can escalate to deadly encounters in seconds.

The Reactive Control Model is ideal for training use of force principles to officers in the classroom, yet effective for real-life encounters on the street.The Reactive Control Model equips departments and officers with a practical tool that will reduce the possibility of excessive force being used, and provide them with a template for report writing and analysis that will support them in courtroom testimony.

The Reactive Control Model has been adopted by several prominent law enforcement agencies as the standard for use of force.

The book includes a laminated color-coded reference card officers can carry to refresh and reinforce their ability to recognize subject behavior cues and formulate force responses, and as an aid for report writing.

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