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Survival Tactics For Armed and Unarmed Merchants



MERCHANTS AT WAR Survival Tactics For Armed and Unarmed Merchants
by Paul Caparatta

Every day in America, retail merchants and customers die at the hands of armed robbers.  Most die because their store was an easy target, had no preventive security measures, and the merchants were unprepared to defend themselves, their employees, and their customers.

Those merchants who fail to take proactive measures to reduce their vulnerability to armed robbers will suffer a loss of business because customers will not risk patronizing high risk stores, or worse yet, be injured or killed by robbers who are increasingly more brazen and well armed.

MERCHANTS AT WAR: Survival Tactics For Armed and Unarmed Merchants provides retail merchants with a step-by-step guide for:
~ Making their store a hard target to rob.
~ Protecting themselves, their employees, and their customers in the event of a robbery.
~ How to fight back using a variety of tactics…including deadly force.

MERCHANTS AT WAR is an invaluable resource to merchants who already have a store, and especially valuable to those who plan to open or remodel a store because it has extensive information about tactical store design useful in thwarting robbers.

MERCHANTS AT WAR provides a wealth of information retailers can apply immediately to make their stores safer.  This practical guide shows you how to…
…design your store to deter robberies.
…construct a “Personal Defense Zone” in your store.
…protect your cash and merchandise.
…make your “backroom” a life-saving refuge.
…spot suspicious characters entering your store.
…protect yourself after closing.
…use video security systems.
…educate your employees about what to do if robbed.
…make sure your defensive tactics and actions are legal.
…devise personal protection tactics for use before, during, and after a robbery.
…design and build a “Merchant Friendly Counter.”
…respond when confronted by an armed robber.
…protect yourself legally if you use deadly force.

1. Proactive Considerations
2. Mindset
3. Justification
4. Judgement
5. Tactics
6. Firearms
7. Marksmanship Training
8. Defensive Shooting Techniques
9. Reloading Techniques
10. Malfunctions
11. Confrontation
12. Aftermath
13. An Interview with a Merchant Victim

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