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SWAT TEAM Development & Deployment



SWAT TEAM Development & Deployment

by Michael Holm

Foreword by Ron McCarthy

This book will sharpen your tactical edge!

SWAT TEAM Development & Deployment is structured as a guide to select personnel, and equip and train them to conduct high-risk operations. Mission specific equipment and tactics are discussed, and actual operations are cited as examples. The conclusion discusses ramifications of operations and an overview of the future for SWAT and SPECOPS.

SWAT teams across the U.S. are confronted daily with unique critical incident response challenges. There is no such thing as a routine SWAT operation. If it were otherwise, there would not be a need for a SWAT team, patrol could handle everything.

That is why SWAT teams need specialized training and equipment to prepare for the unique and unexpected. There are, however, solid fundamental principles which enable SWAT teams to adapt their operational tactics to dynamic and high-risk operations.

These are the principles and tactics that Michael Holm has detailed in SWAT TEAM Development & Deployment.  Holm, a retired DEA agent with more than 25 years of operational experience around the world, provides police departments with a guidebook for creating and managing a capable SWAT team from recruitment, training, and equipment, through detailed descriptions of tactics for dealing with incidents ranging from a hostage-taking, aircraft hijacking, drug interdiction, and civil disturbance.

Complete with illustrations, diagrams, and checklists, SWAT TEAM Development & Deployment is a useful text for departments just beginning to form a SWAT team, and for those with an established team that will benefit from advanced instruction on tactics.

Organized into 29 chapters, SWAT TEAM Development & Deployment will enable a team to evaluate its personnel and equipment readiness, improve elements which may be deficient, and create a step-by-step guide for ongoing tactical training and rehearsals.

SWAT Team Development & Deployment is recommended for all members of a team – management and operators alike – and senior police officials who need to know the operational, safety, and legal issues uniquely attached to SWAT teams.

Read this book and you will learn:
How to organize and staff a team.
What equipment to use.
How to train for real-life missions.
What tactics are the most effective.
How to plan and operate for maximum safety.
How to maintain razor-edge readiness.

“Special Weapons and Tactics is a topic that is complex and multi-faceted. Mike Holm’s text covers a very broad range of issues, and is an easy read for the law enforcement officer who is looking for solid concise information that is easily located and absorbed. His book is like his career, honest, to the point, and a valuable asset that will remain relevant for many years to come.”
Ron McCarthy, LAPD Retired.

Historical Background
Team Structure
Selection of Personnel
Communications, Equipment and Weapons Selection
Vehicle Equipment and Team Driving Techniques
Movement Under Fire
Live Fire Training
Shooting House Construction
Hand Signals
Breaching Concepts
Less Lethal Weapons and Munitions
Diversionary Tactics an Diversionary Devices
Covert Audio and Visual Monitoring
Entry and Search Techniques
Mobile Arrest/Vehicle Assault
Linear Assault
Helicopter Insertion and Extraction
Rappel and Fast Rope
Civil Disorder Countermeasures
Raid Planning
Long Rifle Program
VIP Security
Tactical Leadership
Tactical Operations Center
Hostage Negotiations and Rescue
Physical and Psychological Trauma
Future of SWAT and Special Military Units

Michael Holm retired from he U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) as Assistant Special Agent in Charge in Los Angeles, California, and is credited with making the world’s largest drug seizure in history – 21,700 kilograms of cocaine.  His DEA assignments included Chief of Europe, Middle East Desk in DEA Headquarters, Group Supervisor, Chicago, Illinois; SWAT Team Commander, Detroit, Michigan; Country Attaché, Cairo, Egypt.  He was also assigned to Beirut, Lebanon; Kabul, Afghanistan; Del Rio, Texas; Miami, Florida; and Seattle, Washington.  He earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Police Science and Administration at Washington State University and joined the Seattle Police Department in 1968. He joined the DEA in 1969 and served extensively on special assignments worldwide throughout his career.  He has a Masters of Public Administration with areas of concentration in Criminal Justice and American Foreign Policy.

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