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The Unspoken Dialogue: Understanding Body Language & Controlling Interviews & Negotiations


Understanding Body Language &
Controlling Interviews & Negotiations


by Robert R. Rail, Ph. D.

If you can read body language you can always gain the upper hand in any contact or confrontation.

This groundbreaking – photo illustrated – book will give you an instant advantage.  It will enable you to recognize potential trouble before it happens and prepare you to respond.  It will help you understand and evaluate the nonverbal messages of others, regardless of the situation, from routine conversations and interviews to highly charged confrontations.

If you are able to take in the common sense principles that are set out in this book, you will become a much more effective communicator.  You will be able to use these skills on both “offense” and “defense.”  This book takes you through a process of understanding the body signs of confrontations, the various dimensions of interactive dialogue, and how you can manipulate dialogue in the direction you want.

It doesn’t take years of training or practice to master these techniques.  They are easy to learn, more efficient, and much less confrontational than methods of “counter arguing” or verbal force threats.  As soon as you finish this book you will be able to remember and use these simple and practical techniques for recognizing what the body is “saying” so you can take control of the situation.

Review of the first edition of this book appeared in Security Management Magazine  (Feb 2002)


Understanding Body Language
Definition of Terms
What The Body Is Saying
The Eyes
The Head
The Arms
The Hands
The Feet
Examples of Body Language
Hand Gestures – What The Hands Are Saying
Extreme Circumstances

The Conversational Distance
The Volume Factor
Confrontational Positioning
Escalating Aggression
The Friendly Attack
Gestures – The “Missing Link” To Understanding

Control – Are You In Control?
Changing Their Direction – Keeping The Dialogue Flowing
The Group – Many As One
The Agenda – Better Yours Than Theirs
The Other Team
Basic Personality Types You May Encounter
The Enthusiastic Misdirector
Body Language
The Quiet Ambusher
Body Language
The Meeting Interviewer
Body Language
Dialogue To “The Authority” – Who Do You Talk To?
What Do They Really Want? – Watching For The Subtle Signals
The Gesture Mirror – Using Natural Reactions
Reacting To Displayed Gestures – Your Quiet Control
One On One – A Conducive Environment

Packages and Gestures
Apparel and Gestures

A Time For Advice


Dr. Robert R. Rail is recognized internationally as one of the foremost experts on managing interpersonal relations. He has taught his “understanding body language” techniques and methods to people from more than 60 countries.

As a consultant to the United Nations in the Balkans and Iraq, Dr. Rail was responsible for designing curriculum and instructing elite police officers from 56 nations who have been deployed in Bosnia, Kosovo, Iraq, Jordan, Asia, and Africa. He was also named as a physical confrontation advisor and resource training provider to select personnel of NATO and OSCE (Organization for Security & Co-Operation in Europe).

Dr. Rail was a resident instructor at the Specialized Advanced Training Unit of the High Institute of Baghdad Police College, and was awarded a second doctorate degree for his exceptional abilities as an international instructor.  He has received numerous other awards for his work in the international community.

Dr. Rail has an outstanding background of over a quarter of a century of both martial arts knowledge and “on the street” law enforcement experience. He is an internationally respected and acclaimed master instructor. Through all his classes, lectures, presentations and even casual contacts, he displays a constant flow of encouragement, enthusiasm, and instructional humor.

Dr. Rail is a frequent contributor to television and radio programs, and periodicals.  He conducts both training and consulting services for universities and corporations worldwide.

He is the author of five books:
The Unspoken Dialogue -Varro Press
Custodial Cuffing & Restraint – Varro Press
Reactive Handcuffing Tactics – Varro Press
Defense Without Damage
Surviving the International War Zone

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