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The Guide For Conducting A Protective Security Advance

by David L. Johnson

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Conducting an advance is the most important function performed by the protective services agent.  Done properly, the advance will, in effect, render the role of the protection agent to that of accompanying the principal.

Applying the principle of “creating a deterrent” to the tasks required to protect someone else, the advance will dictate to the protection agent which security measures will be employed and the extent of the resources needed for every aspect of the protection mission.

ADVANCE: The Guide For Conducting A Protective Security Advance provides the protection agent with comprehensive and detailed guidelines for scaling up or down protective missions ranging from daily trips to and from the office to international travel to high-risk destinations.

It covers every aspect and detail of an advance:

  • General considerations for every type of mission.
  • Measures taken prior to leaving the office.
  • Conducting on-site advances.
  • Measures taken during the execution of the mission.

It also contains valuable and essential supplementary material such as guidelines for establishing a Command Post, and a Protective Operation Checklist & Briefing Guide that can be customized for any protective mission.

ADVANCE: The Guide For Conducting A Protective Security Advance is an essential handbook for both new and seasoned protective service agents.

David L. Johnson has provided protective services in both the public and private sectors for more than three decades.  He has coordinated Presidential, Cabinet, Ambassadorial, and Senior Executive level protective programs. He has protected political figures and corporate executives in environments with threat levels ranging from negligible to that of imminent assassination attempts by state sponsored terrorist organizations. He has also managed large scale security contracts and operations in Haiti, Afghanistan and Iraq.  Today he is President of ITG Consultants, Inc., and is responsible for business development and strategic relationships. He also serves as the director of the ITG Operations Group, providing program management and supervision for executive and high-risk environment security operations.

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