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Providing Protective Services

A Practical Guide for Police & Security SECOND EDITION

by James A. KingBuy Now

To succeed in the protective service field you need to know how to proceed every step of the way. In this comprehensive guide, James King, a veteran of more than 30 years of protective service and police work, offers a detailed roadmap to success.

Providing Protective Services gives you specific details on every aspect of the profession including: fundamentals of protective service, analysis of a threat, advance work, protection driving, countersurveillance, close quarter battle, site and conference security, residence and office security, bomb threats and devices, communications, and paramedicine.

Plus, Providing Protective Services has an extensive reference section which includes: Glossary Index Bibliography Resources And checklists for: Advance Security Building Survey Hospital Survey Known Threat Data Sheet Executive Profile Bomb Threats.

History and Role of the Bodyguard
Analysis of the Threat
Fundamentals of Protective Services
Protective Driving
Advance Work
Site and Conference Security
Residence and Office Security
Search & Recognition of Improved Explosive Devices
Communications & Electronic Countersurveillance
Bodyguard Paramedicine
Close Quarter Battle
This and That

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